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raine's pop journal

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I have 3 cracked comms ~jun_daily and j_varietytv and namiestyle ☆My life mission...is to become a celebrity writer and to promote Arashi☆

Vivienne Westwood, Tokyo, Nana, Arashi, Jesus, Metamorphose, my rabbit

for my ref... L'arc en ciel Asia Tour - SEOUL - 3 Sept 2005 - Olympic Stadium Arashi Arashic Tour - Yokohama - 22 July 2006 - 横浜アリーナ Kinki Kids Harmony of Winter tour - Tokyo - 31 Dec 2006 - Tokyo Dome Arashi Homecoming Asia Tour - Yokohama - 3 Jan 2007 - 横浜アリーナ Arashi Homecoming Asia Tour - Yokohama - 4 Jan 2007 - 横浜アリーナ Arashi Around Asia in DOME - Tokyo - 29 April 2007 - TOKYO DOME Arashi Around Asia in DOME - Tokyo - 30 April 2007 - TOKYO DOME Arashi Summer Con - Tokyo - 7 Oct - TOKYO DOME Arashi Summer Con (All Last) - 8 Oct - TOKYO DOME Upcoming lives (I hope to see for 2007) Arashi dome tour, The Gazette (any show), L'arc en ciel Summer tour, arashi summer con. ^^v YO PEOPLE!! If you wanna add me, please tell me, instead of just adding me quietly and I suddenly see new pple in my info 'frieds of'...okie? Heehee,current geeky adorable ARASHI lj layout done by the wonderful catsfilmingtea ! Thanks Babe!
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Matsumoto Jun is Fangirl Magnet!Love
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Kotoba Yori Taisetsuna Mono is Love!
Credit to takarai_karin

Moulin Rouge is love
Made By: _rivas_graphics
wow...I always wanted the screencap of Sho's neck in this CM!!
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Arashi is Physical Love

Kuroyanagi is Overreaction love
|Sanzo is tough love.|

Profile page credit to ayume_matsumoto